World’s largest picture dictionary got a major update

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  • Rollout of new functions: save and print topics.
  • Optimized vocabulary, new topics, better structure and a new set of graphics.
  • Improved mobile user experience to meet growth in popularity.

Hamburg, Germany– Just one year after its initial launch got a major update. World’s largest online visual dictionary features roughly 100 languages and enables over 10.000 combinations of which 9.000 are available only on Extensive feedback was key to the new appearance: It led to an optimized and enlarged vocabulary of over 1.200 words and a new structure of topics resulting in a better relation to all day life of the people using it. The new features “Food” and “Drinks” as its own categories. Also the vocabulary was enlarged e.g. by religious institutions. Many improvements are to be found in hundreds of little corrections and improvements of technology and content in small details. Finally, a new set of graphics were implemented, which have a higher recognizeability and just look great.
In the first year in operations received wide popularity and especially showed its usability within the european refugee crisis. In this context, dozens of renowned institutions and initiatives made use of, such as the German Ministry for Family Affairs (Bundesfamilienministerium) or ProAsyl.
Behind the development of is the Hofheim (Germany) based BABADADA GmbH, which was founded in 2015 by CEO Ruben Bach and friends. The founders of pursue the idealistic mission to improve the communication skills of people from all over the world and to preserve rare dialects and languages through the learning of foreign languages​​.