BABADADA is easily the worlds biggest visual dictionary – both online and offline. You can buy a book or just use the app.

How we work:

A group of language enthusiasts wanted to make visual dictionaries accessable to everybody. That being said, a team of designers, developers, translators and other specialists made BABADADA as free online plattform for base vocabulary. We are constantly adding new languages and dialects and from around the world. Also BABADADA is available in physical form through most bookshops and onlinestores like Amazon.

Why we do this:

We want to provide easy access to learning the basics of any language for everyone. Especially for children visual learning is much easier and joyfull.
Our platform can easily grow with every language and every dialect, thus preserving a language or dialect is preserving a culture. can be used by third parties through an API in virtual classrooms and other learning applications.

Want to help?

  • Feel free to send us feedback: What are you missing? Found a mistake? Want to suggest an exotic dialect?
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