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After a hours of “è” and “é” Babadada now officially speaks: French. Bonjour :) French, as one of the worldlanguages, has more then 220m speakers on all continents, is spoken in 50 countries and is simply so beautiful. For roughly 75m people french is their mothertongue. Its the official language in France, Swiss, Belgium, Haiti and in many African countries. Wikipedia can tell you many interesting facts about the French Language.

We would like to add some french dialects to… like Acadian French, African French, Aostan French, Belgian French, Cambodian French, Canadian French, Guianese French, Haitian French, Indian French, Lao French, Louisiana French, Meridional French, Metropolitan French, Missouri French, New Caledonian French, Newfoundland French, New England French, Quebec French…………. South East Asian French………….. Swiss French…. oh so many….. Vietnamese French….. West Indian French……….can you help us with that? Please just mail us and become a contributor? is proud to speak french. And wants to say thank you to Tina, who translated it. Maybe she can also help you with french-german translations? Feel free to visit her site (