TRANLSTE TO GERMAN: Simple cave paintings were the first concept to educate and communicate. Thousands of years later, 1 billion people speak Mandarin, 400 million people speak English, 100 million speak German, 7 million speak Shona in Zimbabwe – and 24 people in Nevada speak the endangered language of Washoe. There are 7,000 languages worldwide, thereof 800 are from Papua New Guinea alone. The number of dialects based on all languages is unknown, but it probably exceeds the number of languages by far.

Mankind is still to communicate, but the majority of people do not speak at least one common language. For this reason, we need a modern cave! And we have made some moves to create one. In doing so, we chose a simple internet-based application, as the internet is the cave which fits us all.

In order to educate, preserve and save languages and to enable communication, we provide babadada based on the most well-established concept: visual icons. And name it after the first two words of mankind: Baba and dada.