Supporter: Kris helped us with US English

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Kris from New York City helped with translating US english. He is a creative open mind, not hesitating to help right after hearing of the project. He and his best friend created the page, working on ideas, always … Weiter

Alemannic! (…and wonderful carpets)

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Mrs. Drechsle translated Alemannic for Alemannic is a group of dialects within the Germanic language family. It is spoken by approximately ten million people in eight countries: Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, France, Italy, Venezuela and the US, where some … Weiter

Finnish with

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Babadada´s supporter, the guys from, helped Babadada with the Finnish translation. Because and both love to travel! is a nice blog, where you can find bunch of interesting stories from around the World and quite good photography. … Weiter

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