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Babadada´s supporter, the guys from, helped Babadada with the Finnish translation. Because and both love to travel! is a nice blog, where you can find bunch of interesting stories from around the World and quite good photography. Good insider tips for all those, that would like to know more about what to see, where to go and how to enjoy life in detail. Amusing posts about culture, music, museums, concerts and much more, just generally about life. is based in Berlin. Travelbird encourages all you to love, respect and get wild whenever, wherever and however you can. Thank you 🙂

PS.: Finnish is an interesting language with a rich history. Wikipedia is worth a look… – Kielten perusteet silmänräpäyksellä!

See here, how good speaks Finnish… 🙂… and do not hesitate to mail us, if you find some mistakes… 🙂