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Language support during the european migrant “crisis”

With the insertion of Dari and Tigrinya now speaks all major languages of the refugees in and to Europe. In addition to around 100 other languages, including all major European languages, now the basics of almost any combination of origin- and destination-country can be learned on Easy and for free.

The refugees in European countries are mainly from: Syria (language: Arabic), Afghanistan (Dari, Pashto, Uzbek, Turkmen) and Somalia (Somali), but also Sudan (Arabic), Serbia (Serbian), Eritrea (Tigrinya), Albania (Albanian), Bosnia and Hercegovina (Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian), Macedonia (Macedonian), Montenegro (Montenegrin), Pakistan (Urdu, Pashto, Panjabi) and Iraq (Arabic, Kurdish).

The team of has worked with high pressure in recent months for being able to help quickly in the acute emergency situation in the context of the European migrant crisis on Wikipedia (Wikipedia). Chance of errors may have occurred in the new languages yet. The team of Babadada therefore looks forward to feedback in this regard. Of course, we also look forward to help adding other languages and dialects, in particular sub-dialects of the Arabian.

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