Montenegrin, Kurdish, Dari and Pashto…thank you Vardanush :)

Montenegrin, Kurdish, Dari and Pashto…thank you Vardanush :)

When Vardanush, proprietor of the agency Sprachkultur in Hanover, had learned about us, she did not hesitate for long to support us with enthusiasm when it came to translations into

Montenegrin, Crnogorski jezik
Kurdish, Kurdî
Persian Dari, دری
and Pashto, پښتو

Having Armenian roots, languages had fascinated her from early on. So it came at no surprise that she founded a translation agency in her adopted city Hanover in order to offer translations into more than 30 languages based on abiding and passionate commitment and high quality standards.

Vardanush is the expert for word and script at her clients’ side – with a great deal of sensitiveness for the facets of a foreign language and the individual terminology of the specific areas of application – and cooperates with professionally trained translators throughout Germany.
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Thank you so much Vardanush…

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