One for my baby… – and one more for

One for my baby… – and one more for

Alexander and his girlfriend, who lives in zurich, helped to translate swiss german. It is spoken by 4-5 million people in Switzerland and in some Alpine communities and in Northern Italy. We are very proud to have swiss german here, because one would hardly find any material to learn it in the internet. So we are happy to say: All Sprache uf ein Blick…

And of course we gladly promote Alexander, who discovered the fascination of singing he at the age of 10. His uncle played Frank Sinatra… and Thoma wanted to sing like Franky Boy. 20 years later Alexander Thoma dares into the studio. With vocal coach, band and arranger Peter Rider Schaub he sang classics of swing and jazz. On his Album “The Essential” you of course find “One for my Baby…”

Design: Annette Löhrer –
Photography: Selina Meier –

Thank you Alexander!
…learn and translate Swiss German (Schwiizerdütsch) and do not forget to support us… 🙂

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