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In the beginning babadada.com was just an idea. It came to live with the supportive help of freshlabs and it’s army of engineers. Today the team are fulltime admins, developers, translators and you as part of the community.

Babadada.com has been invented by just asking, why visual dictionaries are not online. it was developed by the nice people over at freshlabs.de with a first set of pictures drawn by artist Karina Marks. But that was just the beginning. just a blueprint of an idea. The real heart of Babadada.com are hundreds of little ideas to improve it, all the people who share it and most of all: Hours of hard work of our contributors The honour of making babadada.com really useful for many, is mainly due to them. Thank you, contributors 🙂


Become part of our team by supporting us: Translate your language or your dialect. Send us your ideas. Find a mistake. Or just spread the word…

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