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…by giving us feedback: Tell us how to improve, suggest new languages… (contact link)
…by clicking our banners: is free to use. A small proportion of our costs are covered by business-applications (link babadada for businesses), but overall, is still mainly financed by advertising (link) and donations. … (donate directly: link).
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…and most of all, just by using babadada to learn a language, travel with it and tell people about it. (link “teilen”)

…and help us to help…

One of the main approaches of is to enable the less fortunate to learn a language. can be used for e-learning, it can be provided by aid agnecies, it can help to integrate of refugees… but it needs to be connected with these cases.

If you are planning or running any project where is useful, please contact us. We are looking forward to help. (link contact) – every language at a glance