You are currently viewing Improved Visual Dictionaries Dutch & French – Thanks Bianca!

Improved Visual Dictionaries Dutch & French – Thanks Bianca!

Bianca is a teacher trainer for dutch as a foreign language at Bureau NVT. Bureau NVT supports and guides schools and teachers in teaching Dutch as a Foreign Language and advises students on didactics and policy, organize professionalization programs and developments of teaching material as well as language tests and evaluations.

NVT stands for “Nederlands als Vreemde Taal” –  and there are more than 400,000 children and adults worldwide learning Dutch as a foreign language. A good command of Dutch creates opportunities for their study and career choice or helps them start their lives in the Dutch language area.

Bianca Versteeg and Petra Roël – founders of Bureau NVT

Please also check out their facebook page as they are doing so much worth reading about.

A while a ago Bianca suggested valuable improvements in the dutch and french translations; she and her team immediatly jumped into action not only making our translations better but also regularly using BABADADA for themselves and Bureau NVT now.

We’d like to say thank you to Bianca and everyone at Bureau NVT!

Thanks to the help of professional translators, teachers and people from all other the world BABADADA has become the most profound and largest visual dictionary in the world. With way over 7000 active book titles and thousands of daily users BADADADA has also become one of the fastest growing learning plattforms on- and offline.